100% Raw Silk Masks

USD$ 10.00

Introducing our new 100% Silk Face Masks

Studies show that 100% silk face masks are gentler on the skin and are more effective than other fabrics like cotton and polyester. Silk is also hypoallergenic allowing the skin to breath under the masks further preventing maskne and drying out of the skin. These are made from 100% raw silk and comes in 9 colors.

Colors from the top down:

Photo 1:
-Light Blue
-Light Green

Photo 2:
-Light Pink
-Burnt Orange

-100% raw silk
-double layered
-available only in female size
-adjustable (seen in second photo)

Care instructions:
-handwash with mild soap
-soak up excess water with a towel
-don’t ring out excess water
-hang dry

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Black, Ivory, Blush, Gold, Light Green, Sage, Light Blue, Grey, Rust, Dark Brown, Light Pink, Mint, Burnt Orange

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